Crazy Atoms

Crazy Atoms 3.5

You have to put together atoms to molecules according to a construction plan
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Josef Stoeckl

In Crazy Atoms you play an alchemistic trying to put together different atoms to molecules according to a construction plan given in advance. You have to consider well before you give effect to it. You will only be taken up to the inner circle of the alchemistics, if you have solved all 440 steps of the exercise.

In a labyrinth consisting of unmovable stones you will find some different atoms. In the navigation window you will see the construction plan of a molecule. Try to build the molecule out of these atoms. Take an atom with a mouse click. Then move the mouse a little bit left, right, up or down. The atom will move as long as it knocks at a stone or another atom. With a second mouse click you drop the atom. Going on with the game you will more and more recognise that these atoms are really crazy. There are 444 constructions plans of molecules. The navigator allows you to choose the constructions plans, that means you can also start with the last plan.

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